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Our Shiba's are raised with loving attention....and they demand it!!! This breed is very charming, entertaining and have a gentle disposition. They need proper discipline and training.

Shiba's standard of the breed. Males measuring 14.5" - 16.5" tall, females measuring 13.5" - 15.5" tall at the shoulder. The weight varies, up to about 25lbs. Shibas can go above or below the standard height and weight.  They have a dense double coat and come in four colors; red, red sesame, black & tan and cream. They are a medium boned, compact and well muscled little dog. But dont' let the size fool you. They are a large dog in a small dogs body!! They are quick and agile, perfect for agility training which is a lot of fun for the right person. They can run for miles with an athletic companion or take their excersize by playing ball or frisbee out in the yard. Shiba's are also very content to be curled up at your feet while you are resting.

Our adult breeding stock is up to date on veterinarian exams, vaccinations and wormings. Each of our pups come with veterinarian examination including health certificate, vaccination and worming records.  They are also microchipped for identification and come with a 30 day free trial insurance from Trupanion with our breeders code!